Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm flattered, really.

Here's a link to a letter to the editor I wrote last month. I think I posted it on my blog already (it would be in the May archives if you really want to go looking for it).

May 25th Letter

This past tuesdays opinion page had this.

I think it's really amusing. It must be a rite of passage or something, to have someone reply to your letter to the editor.

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NatGo said...

I am saddened by the writer's attempt to justify treating someone badly because of their race or because you don't agree with them. Your original letter pointed out the need for civility in discourse. This new letter emphasizes that point! Kindness begins with me (OK, it actually begins with K, but the song says it begins with me, and I believe it!).

I do admire how she uses 'an' with the word hispanic. I am so frustrated by the American vernacular that would replace all the an's before h words with a's. I guess it's true you can learn something from everyone.