Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Chicken Man

We pulled the rest of the peas up tonight. They were dried out and we want to plant more corn in their place. After we (meaning the Mr.) pulled them up, we saw MILLIONS (practically) of earwigs. I strongly dislike earwigs, even thinking about them makes me shiver. The Mr. suggested letting the chickens out, so we secured the dog in the house and he brought one at a time. They had a good time, and cleared all of the visible earwigs out of the garden. Someday I'm going to have enough raised beds that one or two can be empty at any given time to let the chickens poop in and eat bugs.
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After they had finished most of the bugs, they started to get bored and wander off (yum, that lettuce looks tasty!) so the Mr. and his brother herded them back into their coop.
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Once back in the coop, the Mr. held one chicken and let her eat from his hand. While he was feeding the one, another hopped onto his back (don't worry, it didn't poop on him- I was surprised).
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NatGo said...

I love the picture of Eddie herding the chickens. I'm really good at herding cats. The cub scouts just left.

BTW, I totally agree that earwigs are among the yuckiest things in the whole world. I may have to get me some of them chickens.

Trish said...

I hate earwigs. What does one do it they don't have chickens but the earwigs are ever present?
I enjoyed visiting your blog. Great writing and pictures.

Allie said...

Here's a link to a discussion forum where they are talking about getting rid of earwigs.

I'd try to newspaper traps. I think it described how to set them up in the link...

I don't think beer traps are super effective.

Getting Rid of Earwigs