Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Welcome to Orchard Hills

Three of the city council members would like to change the name of the city. Three is a majority, so they could do it. Thankfully they've put the decision on hold (or maybe not so thankfully, since that gives us less time to gather signatures to get the issue put on the november ballot if they go ahead and do it later).

The whole name change issue is ridiculous. Why spend a large amount of tax money to do something where the only direct benefit is allowing people in big houses up on the hill to feel like they live in a more luxurious city? It's frivolous. I'm feeling a bit frustrated with some of the local officials. I don't feel represented.

The good thing about the possible name change, is that it is getting people interested in what is going on in our local government.


WP said...

My experience as a busness owner in NSL suggests I would prefer any name change to retaining NSL. We have customers weekly or at least monthly looking for us up on capitol hill. This has happened dozens and dozens of times as truck drivers call with deliveries and are in the wrong county. Yes, we would have an expense in buyng stickers to put on all of our correspondence, invoices and documents but I would celebrate the day if we could lose NORTH SALT LAKE.

Allie said...

That seems to be the only valid argument FOR the name change.

A good solution to that problem is to give directions stating that your company is however many miles north of salt lake city.

There were quite a few business owners who did not want the name change because they felt that the name North Salt Lake made people think they were close to salt lake, which is of course a big city and would therefore make doing business more convenient. There were no business owners at the meeting who wanted the name change. They all felt it would hurt their business.

The estimated cost for the city (so this is tax money) would be $40,000.00. I'm just not sure that this is a judicious use of tax dollars.

I guess though, it's like walmart. It stinks, but it's not the end of the world.