Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Protecting Kids

There was a story on the news tonight about the Utah Kids Registry website (click the title to go to that site). The site acts like the Do Not Call Registry, but it is for emails, Instant Messengers and cell phones to prevent pornographic materials from being sent to children.

You can register any email address or cell phone if you live in Utah and you either have a minor living in your home or a minor could have access to that email or cell phone.

We registered all our email and cell phones and instant messenger accounts. It's good for 2 years, and after that you have to re-register.

It was on the news, because apparently the porn industry is suing the state of Utah over it. It makes me mad that the porn industry would be angry about measures to keep porn away from children. Even cigarette companies have made their advertising less child friendly in recent years. My final argument for the ridiculousness of the law suit, is that if we can sign up to NOT have people calling our homes to sell us time shares in florida, we should be able to sign up to keep companies from sending us unwanted pornographic material.

Go Utah!

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