Thursday, June 22, 2006

Davis County Watch

If you have looked at my profile recently, you may have noticed a new blog. This is not a blog that I started. It belongs to a neighbor of mine whose wife is going to be having a baby soon, so he has asked my "good" friend (just kidding Nat) and I to fill in for him.

Tyler (the blog owner/neighbor) is what I would consider SUPER ULTRA CONSERVATIVE Republican. He has invited me to "make my case" since that will be entertaining for him. Or something.

I don't particularly feel like I have a case to make. Everyone knows how sensible I am, after all.

It should be fun, so stay tuned. When Davis County Watch turns bright pink, it's show time for yours truly.


Tyler Farrer said...

It will be entertaining! One correction, though. It's 'SUPER ULTRA MEGA'.

NatGo said...

And, BTW, good is in quotes because I'm not just her good friend, I'm her best friend! At least I was before I asked her to watch my unruly offspring while I partied with National PTA in Phoenix. Now I am home, and I can begin to make it up to her!