Monday, November 25, 2013

How to make the best pie crust ever.

In a mixing bowl, add 2lbs (about 8 cups, if you don't have a scale) of flour.  Half white flour, half whole-wheat. Add 1 TBSP of salt and mix.

Roughly chop up 1 lb of lard.  Yes lard.  It makes better crust than butter or crisco.

Add the lard chunks a few pieces at a time to the flour/salt.  I put my shield on for this since the lard pieces tend to make flour shoot up out of the bowl.

Mix until you get the consistency of "peas and cornmeal".

Add 20 TBSP of cold water.  (1 1/4 cups)  Mix for a few seconds.

Dump the dough onto a clean surface and form into a wheel.

Plastic wrap is better, but I didn't have any.  Wrap up the wheel.

Put it in a bag, get as much air out as you can, and put in the fridge.  Let it sit at least 24 hours.  I made my crust on a Monday, and will roll it out for pies on Wednesday.  Letting it sit makes for a very forgiving, easy to work crust.  

When you're ready to use it, take it out, cut it into 8 pie wedges.  Each wedge can be formed into a wheel when you're ready for it, then rolled out.  Keep the other pieces covered while you work with one to keep them from drying out.

Here's the recipe in an easier-to-print format…

Perfect Pie Crust

From Reclaiming my Inner Pioneer at

2lbs (8 cups) of flour.  Half white, half whole wheat.
1 lb Lard
1 TBSP salt
20 TBSP (1 1/4 cup) cold water

  1. Mix flours and salt.  
  2. Roughly chop lard and add piece by piece to the flour mixture.  
  3. Mix until you have the texture of peas and cornmeal. 
  4. Add water and mix for a few seconds.
  5. Form into a wheel and place in plastic airtight bag in the fridge for at least 24 hours. 
Makes 8 single crust or 4 double crust pies (or whatever combination adds up to 8 single crusts).