Saturday, April 09, 2011

Another Vegetarian Dinner Recipe

Feminist Mormon Housewives has a post up announcing a presentation about meat and the word of wisdom at Utah Valley University (it's really hard for me to think of the school as UVU, not UVSC...) the comments following the post talk about whether Mormon's ought to eat meat or not, based off of various scriptures, some which say we shouldn't eat meat, except for times of winter and famine, and some say not at all, and some say we shouldn't tell other people not to eat meat.

I think regardless of which scripture you're going off of, it's probably pretty safe to say, that, as a whole, we members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Elder Packer said we should use the whole name, but it really is easier to just type "mormon") eat way too much meat.  I like meat.  Every once in awhile a quality hamburger really sounds good, and every once in awhile i actually want a steak.  I'm also kind of a lazy cook, so making vegetarian meals is actually less work.  No killing and plucking the chicken first... (or defrosting the package of ground buffalo).  Whatever your view on the amounts of meat we should be eating, or your reasons for eating it, or not, a nice quick vegetarian dinner recipe is handy (plus it's good for your budget to skip the meat now and then).

my 9-year-old took this picture
Tonight's dinner was a variation of one of my summer stew recipes, but it turned out really good.

Saute a small, chopped onion, and one or two cloves of garlic, minced, in some olive oil.  Add sliced yellow squash, two cans of diced tomatoes, a couple shakes of dry oregano.  Cook over med. high heat.

Bring pot of water to boil, and add pasta (we had linguine).

While linguine is cooking, stir sauce, and add salt and pepper to taste.  As a last minute addition I threw in some pine nuts and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  OH MY, did that balsamic vinegar make a difference.  Yum.

Drain pasta, add sauce, and top with liberal amounts of parmesan cheese.  I think it would also be good with some red pepper flakes added to give it a little kick.  My kids are not so appreciative of the kick yet so we skipped that.

J and A reported that it was not terrible (they didn't want to taste it at first, because they thought it looked terrible), but not great either, just okay.  I thought it was so good, that even though I'm full, I'm salivating and thinking about having another plate.

how come my 9-year-old can take pictures that are clear, and then 1 minute later my picture, using the same camera is all blurry?