Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Every time I drive by the big open field just off of Parrish Lane in Centerville, I sigh and wonder how much longer it will be an open field.

Fields don't pay taxes, or at least not enough to make them valuable.

Apparently, Walmart is supposed to start building this month. It's been delayed so much that I kind of hoped it would never happen. Walmart will change Centerville, and not for the better.

Here's a Clipper article by Summer Clarke:

CENTERVILLE — Even though Wal-Mart missed their anticipated April start city officials are fairly confident — this time —the big box retailer will start construction in the coming weeks. Wal-Mart is currently bidding out the project to a contractor and has received all the necessary city approvals, according to Cory Snyder with the Centerville City Planning Commission. “When they submit their construction bond we will give them a building permit,” he said. Snyder believes Wal-Mart is fairly close to starting construction; however, he did not have the exact date for the groundbreaking. “It’s within their hands and time frame now.”


Tyler Farrer said...

I'm told you've laid out some pretty persuasive arguments that Walmart is anti-American. I'm very interested in hearing those in a future post?

WP said...

WM is not anti American Tyler. They represent much that describes America, just the worst in us. That is to say, they are about greed, power, dominion, exploitation, monopoly, i.e. capitalism at its worst. Impoverished peasants in China and in other poor countries work long hours and days at substandard renumeration so we can have low prices always. WM is very much American!

Tyler Farrer said...


I wasn't stating my opinion, but seeking for an opinion.

I'll be reading the next post now.

Allie said...

I don't think WP thought you were stating your opinion. He's very passionate when it comes to walmart (as we all should be) so maybe it came across to you that way.