Sunday, July 09, 2006

More Yard Work, Fun, and Going Away...

Yesterday, the Mr. and I spent all morning in the yard. He mowed, de-pooped, and weed whacked the yard. I weeded the garden and spread grass clippings in more of the garden to help keep everything from drying out so fast (and to keep the weeds down).

The yard is looking really nice again. I still need more grass clippings, but several beds got a new layer. The rest will have to wait a week or so until our neighbors mow their lawns again.

On thursday we went to the grocery store and saw a flyer for a "free to good home" deck/gazebo type thing. It's 8x14 feet and 8 feet tall. There's an old rickety wooden swing attached to it, which will probably have to be taken down. We finally got ahold of the owners yesterday and it was still available. We went and looked at it, and it needs some TLC (sanding and new paint or finish or something) but is otherwise in decent condition. The Mr. looked at it for quite awhile trying to figure out the best (easiest) way to take it apart and haul it to our house.

We (meaning the Mr.) will dig out a spot in our backyard next to the house, redo the sprinkler lines a little, put in some cement block footings and install the thing this week (hopefully).

I'm leaving for girls camp on monday and will get home saturday morning. I'm really hoping it's all installed by then. The Mr. is taking the kids to idaho for the weekend, so I won't see them until they come home saturday night. I'm looking forward to sitting on my new deck saturday afternoon. If anyone wants to help the Mr. this week, let him know. He has a huge project now. We've decided it will be our anniversary present this year (and we might even buy one of those small fire pits to put on it. Wouldn't it be nice to sit out there in the evenings and roast marshmallows? ).

In other news, Mr. has a new bike and my bike is all fixed up so we put the kids in the trailer and went for a short (3 mile) ride last night. It was a lot of work going up the hill. You can adjust the gears and make it easier to pedal, but then you have to pedal three times as fast to go anywhere. We need to do it more often so that it isn't so hard.

Anyway, I won't be posting this week since I'll be spending my time with a cabin full of 12-year-old girls. I'm trying not to be too excited about it if you couldn't tell. I'm sure it will be fun, I'd just rather stay home. My family is going to miss me (and I'm going to miss them).

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