Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yoga Kids

I've been a little worried about my 5-year-old. He's very energetic, and doesn't have a good sense of where his body is in relation to other things (like my face, or the wall). In an attempt to help him learn some body awareness, I did a little online research and decided we should sign him up for karate or yoga. Until summer, we'll pass on the karate, and I invested in a set of 3 "Yoga Kids" DVD's. A picked the ABC one today, and we all did it, even CP (sort of).

I can't recommend the others since we haven't done them, although A is putting another disc in as I type (which must mean he really liked the other one), but we had a lot of fun with Yoga Kids ABC's- if anyone is interested in trying it out let me know!

(The funny thing- he keeps getting a wii remote out to use with his yoga (since he sees me do yoga on the wii fit).

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Emily said...

Kade loved this. We did the silly to calm only once or twice. The ABC's was his favorite and we did it several times a week. I was trying to give him better body awareness because everything was either unavailable or too expensive (we were out of state). I didn't get much out of it though because I couldn't do many of them while pregnant. But I like how her emphasis isn't on getting the moves exactly right, but just doing your best for you.