Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Statement on Proposed Plant by West Bountiful Mayor, James Behunin

Recently, many residents have expressed concern about a co-generation plant that has been proposed for a site next to the Holly Oil Refinery in West Bountiful. The facility would use the waste bi-products of the oil refining process to fuel what has been described as a "co-generation" power plant. Some are concerned that the plant would increase air pollution in the area.

The proposed plant was first brought to our attention over a year ago. Individuals representing a firm wishing to build the plant presented a set of conceptual drawings to the city. Wendell Wild, the Mayor and a few members of the city council reviewed the plans and raised several concerns. The most serious concern is the site's location. It was proposed for a site that is zoned for residential and commercial use. A co-generation plant was not a permitted use at the proposed location. An additional concern is that the city has worked closely with Holly Oil to preserve a buffer zone around the oil refinery. To build a power plant in the buffer zone would go against all of our efforts to surround the refinery with a beautiful, landscaped open area. Because no request for a building permit has been submitted, the city has not taken formal action to approve or deny the proposed project.

More recently, we have heard rumors that the Utah Department of Environmental Quality has granted preliminary approval for the construction of such a plant. In response, a group of physicians have begun to organize a public campaign against the project. They even predicted that the construction of the plant will increase the number of local deaths due to respiratory illness. Naturally, some of our residents have become alarmed by such statements. However, residents need to know that it is a top priority for the Mayor and Council to protect the health, safety and welfare of the city's residents. We simply will not permit the construction of a facility that would threaten the health of our citizens.

If you haven't already, take a minute to contact Mayor Behunin to let him know you support his stance against the proposed power plant, and encourage him to continue to keep it out of our community.

Email: jbehunin@gmail.com; Phone: 801-560-3944

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Kari said...

I am very glad to hear this! I couldn't make the meeting last night but just sent the mayor an email thanking him for standing against this plant. Thanks for the update on this.