Thursday, January 08, 2009

Artisan Bread- Day 2

This ball is about 1/4 of the total amount of dough I made yesterday, I used a little flour on my hands and tucked the sides under to form a smooth top on the ball. Then I let it rest for 40 minutes (actually a little longer because I forgot to preheat the oven halfway through the 40 minutes), then I made a couple of slashes in the top and scooped it into the oven with a tray of water under it.
Here is what came out of the oven:

The crust is nice and crinkly when I squeeze it, and I'm excited to taste it, although I get the idea from the recipe that the bread doesn't get really good until you've been doing it for awhile and the dough develops a richer flavor.

I think I'm also going to try shaping the dough into rolls and baguettes. I love bread.

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derekstaff said...

Very cool! Keep us posted.