Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Funny Things My Kids Say...And an Exercise challenge

A: Mom! MOm! (me running into the bathroom thinking there was an emergency) Mom- Look, I made an ocean in the potty. The pee is the water, the bubbles are the island, the little poop is the fish, and the big poop is the shark.

J: Mom? (Also in the bathroom- we spend a lot of time in the bathroom around here) Do you see my muscles? (he points to his ribs)
Me: Those are your ribs- they're bones, not muscles.
J: Oh, but I'm still strong, see? (flexes his arms).
Me: You are strong!

And, this isn't funny, but today walking A home from preschool, his hands were cold so he was holding my hand, and his little hand felt really nice in mine, and it made me think how fast they grow up. J still holds my hand sometimes, but not as often, and his hands are not too much smaller than mine these days. Being a mom is a pretty good gig, even if I do get pooped, slobbered, and boogered, and-every-other-bodily-functioned on, on a regular basis (I don't really get pooped on very often, but really, once is enough for a lifetime).

Also in other news, I'm joining the Great Fitness Experiment's January experiment. Charlotte is taking Shape Magazine at their word to see if their "Drop 10lbs this month!" workout really works. The format is as follows:

Monday - Shape Magazine strength circuit
Tuesday - Boot Camp interval workout (you can sub biking, running, swimming or any other activity that gets heart rate upupup and then takes it down for a rest and then back up again. The key is the intensity - you want something short and hard. Don't go over 45 minutes. You want a suggestion? Do the 8/12 bicycle sprints!)
Wednesday - Shape Magazine strength circuit
Thursday - Yoga/walking
Friday - Turbokick interval workout (again, sub in what you like)

I think for the interval workouts, I'm going to do several short rounds of wii fit hula hooping to make up 30-45 minutes worth. Charlotte posted pictures of the Shape Magazine strength circuit on her blog, but It's hard to read the words, and some of those, I can't tell how the model got from one position to the next, so I'll probably pick up a copy at the store, or at least read it in the check out line...

Anyone care to join me? I figure this will give me a little bit of accountability to actually follow through. I'm starting today with a wii fit hula hoop interval workout. I don't think this is going to help me gain muscle, but the hazy, cold weather has me feeling a bit blah, so I think this will help, and I don't think I'll lose any weight with it, when I workout regularly I crave eggs. :)


swenandbex said...

I would love to lose 10 lbs this week! I need more details on this. I'd totally do it with you. I have been going to the gym on M,W,F mornings, and trying to do pilates on the other days, but I'm eating too much chocolate!

Allie said...

Becca- check out the Great Fitness Experiment link for more info about the workout. If I end up buying Shape Magazine, you're welcome to look at it to figure out what the strength training is supposed to be, and what the details are.

adam said...

"but really, once is enough for a lifetime"

Indeed it is.

Charlotte said...

Hey Al!! I'm so glad you are joining us! We did the workout yesterday and I'm still walking funny today:) Your intervals sound fun too! As for the page scans I posted, click on one to enlarge and you should be able to read it just fine!

Allie said...

Good to know, Thanks Charlotte- I'll look at those so I'll be ready for tomorrow.

I just did my intervals, and decided hula hooping was okay, but the boxing is set up better for intervals.

It's a good way to vent frustration also.... :)

(I could do real intervals, I ought to try your bike intervals, since that would help the area I worry the most over... so maybe I'll do a little of everything. It's tough going to 1 mile to the gym... Becca maybe I need you to make me come with you- when are you going?)