Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update on West Bountiful Power Plant

Update on Co-Gen Plant: City Disapproval May Be More Difficult than Originally Thought
Recently, I announced with some confidence that our zoning ordinances would not allow us to approve a co-gen plant adjacent to the Holly Oil Refinery. After further research I have discovered an old agreement that was signed with Holly before the city's most recent zoning ordinances were approved. The agreement allows Holly to build a co-gen plant as part of a larger upgrade of the facility.

While we have identified several strategies that we can use to prevent the construction of this plant, my initial statement that our zoning ordinance provided sufficient protection was inaccurate. I am confident that with the support of the Division of Air Quality and local State Legislators, we can prevent a co-gen plant from being built in West Bountiful.

Mayor James Behunin

Doesn't look good. It may be too late for contacting anyone but the West Bountiful Mayor: Mayor James Behunin

Although I think it would be good to email all the other people on the list to tell them how stupid you think they are. Look outside. What in the world are they thinking? It makes me want to swear. This morning when I was at my 2nd grader's school, they announced that it was "another bad air day today" and told the kids with asthma or allergies to stay indoors and the rest of the kids to "not run around or breathe deeply while outside" (I told my son to stay inside- maybe he can avoid asthma or allergies?).


George said...

Furthermore, the weatherman said today Salt Lake City was the most air polluted city in the United States. I doubt West B, Centerville, or NSL were any better.

Very sad this could go through. Money seems to win too often in these R communities and state.

David said...

That was disturbing news. We need to keep up the pressure on West Bountiful leaders and we ought to find a way to contact Holley and Consolidated Energy Systems and let them know directly how strenuously we oppose this proposal.

Sarah said...

The sad and strange is that Utah County is the worst. Dangerous air starts at 38 something somethings per something and Utah County had over 75. Sorry to not be as impressive by quoting the exact measurements, but I can't remember them. I was just shocked to hear how far above the dangerous cut off they were. Yikes!

Pray for rain & snow. Baby steps till steps till Sunday.