Thursday, January 22, 2009


We've been watching the classifieds for several months for a piano. We've been saving up, and planned to use our amex rebate check (got to love cash back bonuses!) next month, but we saw one yesterday and my mom and my Mister went to check it out. The exterior is kind of beat up, and will need to be sanded and refinished, but the insides look pretty good, and it was a price we couldn't pass up. My Mister is also going to scrap the bench. The top is made of plywood, and the bottom fell out of it before we got it, so we'll keep the legs, and my Mister will just replace all the other parts of the bench, and add hinges back in to make a nice piece where we can store music books.

We'll need to get it tuned, and a couple of keys fixed, but that hasn't stopped us from playing around:

A trio.
Doesn't it look like I know what I'm doing?

Thanks so much to our friend S who dropped everything to help us move the thing. We really appreciate it. If we can ever return the favor, just ask.


Anonymous said...

We love having a piano in our house. (In fact don't tell my wife, but I want to buy her a new one when we get some money saved up.) Congratulations.

Lisa said...

How exciting! I really look forward to the day we can buy a piano.

Criscell said...

Yippee!! How awesome that you found a piano! How do you like it? Are you going to have J take lessons?