Monday, January 19, 2009

CP is an unusual baby

A friend of mine says that it's only a disorder if it causes problems in everyday life, so while I might jokingly call him my OCD baby, that isn't really accurate. OC maybe, or better yet, "unusually tidy". Evidenced by:

As soon as he could walk, he started picking up bits of dog food off the floor and putting them back in the dog food dish. He's adopted that as his "job" (maybe he knew that he'd be taking over as official doorknob cleaner as soon as he was tall enough so he thought he'd try to get a different gig).

If his fingernails get too long, he comes to me holding his finger out, "finger, finger!" and then he holds still while I trim his nails (and if I miss one or don't cut one enough, he lets me know).

If his long-sleeve shirt gets pushed up, he pulls on them and says, "on" until I pull them back down into place.

If he has any lint, boogers, or hairs stuck to him, he says "uh oh mama" until I get rid of the offending object.

He picks crumbs up off the floor (at our house and other people's houses) and either gives them to me, or puts them in the trash.

If he spills while eating he says, "uh oh mamma, ness" (mess), or "nessy" (messy) until I wipe it up.

He has no problem with non-food etc... messes though, as he is currently emptying the bookcase of all books within his reach (since we took all the toys upstairs, it's his favorite activity- thanks daddy, we might want to rethink that one).

Now I need to teach him to put the books back, maybe if I tell him that it's a mess and show him how to clean it up, I won't have to anymore...

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adam said...

LG loves to have his hands washed after eating, and usually yells "COFF" which means 'washcloth' when his hands have too much food stuck to them.