Thursday, January 01, 2009

Long Hair is feminine

Throughout my life I've cycled between having long (or longish) hair and chopping it off short. When I first started dating my Mister, a sister-in-law of his commented on my short hair. It may have been a compliment, or a statement of fact- perhaps she saw a picture of me with longer hair before meeting me.... whatever her reason, it perpetuated my idea that to be feminine, you should have long hair (well, I only ever felt that way for myself. I don't remember ever seeing anyone else's short hair and thinking they weren't feminine- usually I see women with short hair and it makes me want to cut my hair short.)

Anyway, I think I look better with short hair, but a part of me always feels like I ought to have longer hair (and I'd love to have hair like in the shampoo commercials- that and two complete eyebrows (and complete vision) are my hope for the resurrection). I have some friends who always keep their hair short, and some who always keep it long. Fewer seem to cycle between long and short like I do. It seems like a silly thing, but I'd like to make peace with my hair length.

If I can find something that looks okay when I go running (and where the sides don't bounce) and something that looks okay when camping (short of wearing a hat), I think I could get over the "feeling more feminine" with long hair pretty easily. I chopped my hair to jaw length yesterday, so it's a big change, and so far, I'm not feeling too much haircut remorse yet.

Does anyone else have weird hair issues like me? If so, what do you do about it?


Charlotte said...

Hahahahah! I'm the same way. My hair has been waist length, boy short and everything in between. I feel the need to do something to it about every 3 months. I definitely feel sexier with long hair. But I feel spunkier with short hair. Right now I'm growing out my super short "spunky" cut - which I loved except that I could never get it out of my face. Ever! So now it's about to my chin with rocker blunt-cut bangs. If you ever find your ideal hair let me know!
PS> I have never seen you with long hair but I loved your short hair from back in the day!

Sarah said...

I've desperately needed a haircut for months! And when I finally got around to calling for an appointment I learned that my stylist had just broken her foot and was out for 2 weeks. And then it was Christmas & New Year's. And now my hair is way longer than it has been for a long time.

I love short hair but I don't want to look boyish. I want to stay feminine while still having short hair. Long hair just doesn't look good for me.

I'm obsessive at times about my hair. It's not just you. It's a woman thing that's made worse by all of those terrible commercials for bouncy shampoo!

Can't wait to see your short hair! Can't wait to get my own!

George and WP said...

I am just grateful I still have some to wash and blow dry. Once it was long and red to accompany a full beard too.

If the temple would allow beards I would have one presently but I am afraid from earlier attempts during summer and winter closings at the Bntfl. Temple that all the red has deserted me.

I think your Mama liked the beard when it was full and past the prickly stage.

What do you think Derek and Kyle? We need some male input on this subject about hair and beards.

Allie said...

I liked my super short hair cut too- it was fun, and spunky is a great word. That's how I feel when I have shorter hair.

So is longer hair on men more masculine? It mormon culture it seems like it's viewed more as rebellious- same with beards to some extent.

I think my Mister looks nice with a little bit of beard, but I'm not so fond of the scratchiness- A doesn't like it either and lets his dad know when it's time to shave.

George and WP said...

President McKay, the prophet of my youth, had beautiful long white hair. He was very photogenic and eloquent. Hugh B. Brown, his counselor, also had long beautiful white hair. They were quite a twosome.

Criscell said...

Hey--I'm WAY behind on blogging (blame in on the baby...) but anyway, I LOVE your hair short! You'll have to post pics soon! Oh, and tell Kyle good job on making those shelves/benches! They look SO good! Happy New Year!