Saturday, April 14, 2007

Underage Tanning

Sorry for anyone who thought this post was going to be some sort of political commentary... My life is pretty much all-consumed by the new little one.

In the hospital, the little man's bilirubin levels were on the high side, so I had to take him to get retested yesterday. His levels had gone up, so this fancy portable fiber optic blanket (aka biliblanket) was ordered for him and delivered to us at home last night. It's definitely a step up from the grow lights I was under as a jaundiced baby. The main down side, is that now instead of feeling stuck in my house, I'm stuck in a three-foot radius that includes the crib, the changing table and the rocking chair. He doesn't seem to mind (really what more could a new baby want!).

I like to think of it as his own little tanning bed.

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