Monday, April 30, 2007

Gray Knees

On the way home from visiting grandma and grandpa last night, the boys were singing primary songs. My three-year-old likes I love to see the temple and I am a child of God the best. After he finished the first song, he started in on I am a child of God. He's just barely learning the second verse, but when he started to sing "I am a child of God, and so my needs are gray" (or great, it was hard to tell exactly what he was singing), his older brother said, no, no, no, it's "so my knees are gray!".

When I was a kid I always thought it was "and so my needs are gray", which didn't make any sense to me, but who was I to question God?

It fits along nicely with the time my 5-year-old sang about Jesus eating Honeycombes.

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