Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby Blues, Bad News, Good News...

Bad news and baby blues are not good companions. My poor Mr. must be at a loss as to what to do with me some days. It's actually getting better, which is why I can write about it now. There were a few days when I could hardly open my mouth without crying. It all started when the baby was two days old and had to go to the Dr to get his bilirubin level checked (again). There weren't any appointments, so they "squeezed" me in. I should have recognized that as a bad sign, and prepared myself...

We arrived three minutes early, and sat down in the waiting area. I thought the baby would be getting hungry soon, but figured I'd wait until after we saw the dr. We waited for an hour. When we got into the room, the aide wanted to weigh him. I told her we were only there for his bilirubin test and that I'd rather not get him undressed (he was still sleeping, although I knew any minute he'd wake up screaming). She left and a few minutes later the dr. walked in. It wasn't our regular dr, which makes the next part even more embarrassing... As soon as he asked how we were doing, I burst into tears. It was hard not to laugh while I was crying, which made it sound like I was crying a lot more than I really was.

Oh well.

Bad news later that day didn't help.

Thankfully, my emotional roller coaster seems like it's slowing down a bit. It's also been nice that I've had three bits of good news (actually all of them happened yesterday...).

Two more of my friends are pregnant. In a couple of years (assuming they all live close enough to get together regularly) we'll have a nice group of little kids to play together. There will be 5 babies all within a year of each other. The last bit of good news is that another friend is getting married!

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