Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The First Baseball Game

My 5-year-old was a little nervous about playing against a "real team" until I told him that this would be their first game too. It's pretty funny, because they don't keep track of runs or outs, they just let the kids hit the ball, run the bases, and throw the ball around.

On the drive home, he was a little disappointed that he still had to have practices...I guess he thought that since he "knows how to play" he could just have games now.

His favorite part of the game was "hitting the ball". The funniest thing about the game was watching kids hit the ball and then not running. They'd just stand there while everyone was yelling Run! Run!. Other kids would be on base, and when the ball was hit, they'd start running all over the place, from second base to home, from first base toward the ball....

Instructional league baseball...good parental entertainment.


WP said...

When is the next game? I want to be there.

M.A. said...

Yah! I want to go too!