Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Too Much Time on My Hands, or Diversionary Tactics...

This is what the boys ate for lunch today. I wasn't sure if they'd eat the cold whole wheat pasta, but since there was ranch dressing to dip it in, I shouldn't have worried. There was also a side of slightly-runny-home-made-yogurt (with berries in it). If I use real milk, it turns out pretty well, a little runnier than store-bought, but spoon-able. If I use powdered milk it's pretty runny, which is fine, I just have to remember to serve it in a cup.

The boys love eating things that can be shaped into faces or flowers or whatever. I think it must be similar to the satisfaction of biting the heads off of animal crackers.

After I got the lunches assembled (mostly from left-overs out of the fridge) I thought to myself, wow, you have too much time on your hands. It's not really true, I realized, it's just that all of the things that I should be doing are not what I want to be doing, so I find ways to postpone them.

My lunch was also left-overs, but not in the shape of a face, in case you were wondering.

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