Thursday, January 18, 2007


I haven't bought honeycombs for awhile, although it's one of our "favorite" breakfast cereals. It goes on sale fairly often, so the other day, I bought a couple of boxes.

Something has changed.... From internet searches, it appears that Post has changed the ingredients a bit, upping the fiber content. Normally I'd say that's a good thing, but the texture is now reminiscent of styrofoam pellets. I'm very disappointed.

I'm going to have to start buying the fake brand. Hopefully they are not as concerned about fiber content.


wordsfromhome said...

Sounds lke you need to send Post an opinion here. What good is the added fiber if it causes one to stop eating the cereal?

Tyler Farrer said...

Just tell them that they have enough fiber in the box--not that you'll be eating the box.

They'll get the idea.