Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today in the mail, we got an advertisement from playboy. Sign up now, free issues! (something like that, I tore it up pretty fast)

I am disgusted that something like that would come in the mail unsolicited. What if my 5-year-old had gone to pick up the mail? I've gotten advertisements from Victoria's Secret before, but they at least usually have an email or phone number to call if I don't wish to continue getting those advertisements. I'm not sure what to do about this. We got an equally disgusting magazine advertisement several months ago. I'm wondering if my Mister's ESPN magazine subscription is getting his name put on lists we would rather not be on...

Any ideas?


I posted this in the comments, but thought it would be good just to include it in my post too. There is a form you can fill out with the US Postal Service to block sexually explicit mailings from being sent to your address.

Form 1500


Bob said...

Call (800) 555-1212.

It's a 411-type service for 1-800 numbers. Ask for Playboy Customer Service.

Call PB, and ask to be permanantly removed from their list.


Allie said...


Allie said...

If anyone is interested, I was also directed by a friend to this form at the USPS website: