Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Posts

In the past, to post photos, I have used Photobucket to post pictures on my blog. For the past several months, photobucket has not been working- I can't upload any pictures to it, so my blogging has kind of slowed down.

Today, thanks to my sister's Mister, I signed up for a Flickr account and am now able to post pictures again.

That's why there's a rush of posts today- I'm catching up.


Emily said...

Huh...I didn't know you had to use anything other than Blogger itself. I just put the pictures I want on my desktop and then upload them to Blogger. In 20 words or less could you explain the advantages of using Flickr?


Allie said...

Huh... I didn't know you could just upload pictures to blogger- so for me, the advantage of using flickr was that it worked.

I used to like photobucket because it gave me links to copy and paste into blogger and my discussion forum (which are different formats). Flickr seems to work a little faster, but doesn't give the links quite the same way, so I have to remember a little more (though still basic) html.

Flickr also allows you to publish your photos so that anyone can see them, or just people you give permission to.

Allie said...

(so how do you upload pictures to blogger?)

WP said...

I have never used anything other than the Blogger also.

Emily said...

You click on the little photo icon above the field for entering posts, and it takes you to a page where you can browse your desktop / files to upload the one you want. Also lets you select a size and right / left / center for placing the photo. After the photo is uploaded all the html script appears in your posting field and you can cut & paste it wherever you want in your post (unless you're satisfied with it appearing at the top of your post).

Allie said...

I never realized that the little picture icon was to upload pictures. :)

I used it to publish the fort pictures! Pretty slick.