Thursday, February 01, 2007

Enough is Enough

Representative Glenn Donnelson is at it again. Now he wants to make local police officers play the part of ICE too. Now, instead of just trying to keep up with KEEPING US SAFE FROM REAL CRIMINALS, local police officers will also have to take on the role of immigration officers.

People live here with out documentation. They are part of our communities, their kids go to school with our kids, they go for walks around the block pushing strollers, just like I do. They are witnesses to other crimes, just like the rest of us could be. Do we really want them to NOT report crimes because the local police could have them locked up and deported?

Sounds like a grand idea Mr. Donnelson.

I am so tired and frustrated with people who spend so much time and energy attacking people, when they should be attacking the real problem. The immigration system in our country has some major problems. If we could get it fixed, we wouldn't have to worry about paying for emergency room care for undocumented workers or their families, we wouldn't have to worry about whether it is "legal" for undocumented students to get instate tuition, and we wouldn't have to worry about "those darn illegals" stealing our identities.

We all need to contact our representatives and our senators and our congressmen and tell them to stop dinking around with immigration bandaids when they should be curing the illness.


Tyler Farrer said...

Just one correction.

We should contact our state legislatures to handle state issues.

On the federal side, we should contact U.S. Senators that don't represent us directly, because Hatch and Bennett aren't listening.

Allie said...

But we should contact our state legislators and tell them to stop trying to pass stupid laws.

(while we're at it, contact Glenn Donnelson too (even if he isn't your rep.) he has too much time on his hands and some goofy ideas of THE LAW)

As a side note...When Howard Stevenson chewed out Chris Cannon awhile back, I found it incredibly refreshing that Mr. Cannon admitted to failing miserably (as a government) when it came to immigration.

WP said...

Allie, I sent emails to the entire membership of the Utah House yesterday, as of this morning I had five responses and they were all voting against Rep. Donnelson's bill. Three of the five were women and I presume mothers. There are some rays of hope. At least for the present in state tuition has not been repealed by our legislators in spite of my friend and flopper Roger Barrus.

Today at 11:00 the House will vote on vouchers though. I am not as confident as Natalie.

wordsfromhome said...

A slight correction to you comment that Hatch and Bennett aren't listening. I have written Hatch on several occasions specifically about the immigration/undocumented worker problem, and he has, each time, sent me a letter which appeared to be somewhat better than a form letter.
The problem in every response was that he referred me to the "rule of law" as the reason he is unwilling to look at compassionate solutions to the immigration problem. It seems the Honorable Senator Hatch, after 30+ years in the Senate, has not figured out yet that it is Congress that makes the law and has the power to fix the problem.

utahcitizen said...

Howard Stephenson has been part of the problem too. He gets away with a lot and was able to deflect some of the blame from himself.