Monday, February 26, 2007

Terry Wood and Divine Strake Fallout

Paul Rolly Reports in the SL Tribune:

Divine Strake fallout? Watch for KTVX, Channel 4 co-anchor Ruth Todd to disappear from the air within the next few days. Her contract expires this week and, reportedly, it won't be renewed. In a few weeks, according to rumblings among TV news types around town, the other Channel 4 anchor, Terry Wood, will be demoted to weekends.


The scuttlebutt around town is that KTVX's owner, Texas-based ClearChannel, went into a tizzy over the station's editorializing against Divine Strake, an idea that came out of the administration of George W. Bush, a particular darling of the redder-than-red owners of ClearChannel. And does it matter that the administration finally caved to public pressure and canceled the megabomb test just outside Utah's borders?

Apparently not.

I hope, if this indeed is what is happening that ClearChannel gets inundated with complaints. For your convenience, here is their contact information...

Clear Channel
200 East Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone 1-210-822-2828

Lisa Dollinger

Clear Channel Website:

Station Listing
Phone: 1-210-822-2828


WP said...

Thanks for the post. I will be emailing today. My viewing time of Channel 4 actually increased after their anchor team went in heavy over this.

bekkieann said...

You are right about Ruth Todd. With no explanation whatsoever, she said good-bye to the viewers last Sunday. Simply said she would be leaving Channel soon.