Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Worth every penny?

The Tribune has a follow-up story on Paul Moore defending his $214,000.00 Salary from the BSA Great Salt Lake Council.

Here's a gem...

Wiping away tears during an interview, Moore was worried that public disclosure of compensation could hurt fundraising efforts and other activities. Scouting ''is a treasured part of this community, and I would hate to think that my compensation damages in any way our ability to make a difference in kids' lives,''-- Paul Moore

If he cares, perhaps he should take a pay cut.

Just a few weeks ago, I donated to our local Friends of Scouting drive. I kind of always figured that the money I donated went to pay for our local scout troop and their activities. After talking to a scout leader, I discovered that is not true. The local troops don't see any of that money, at least directly, and even indirectly it's questionable.

The troops still have to come up with $1600 a year just to be an official troop. All books, awards, and uniforms purchased are done so by the troop, and are not purchased at cost, or anywhere near to cost. It's interesting that I can go to the distribution center and pick up a manual for cost, or very close to cost (I don't know, I haven't researched it, all I know is that they are inexpensive) but if I want to pick up a dinky little merit badge book, they're at least $3. That adds up fast.


adam said...

"I would hate to think that my compensation damages in any way our ability to make a difference in kids' lives."

Nice emotional shot there. What a case. How about we all continue to "make a difference" in kids' lives, and NOT give any more money to guys like this so they can build tennis courts in their backyards.

q said...

Well, at least the BSA know how to really make their dollar stretch in other ways...
Boy Scouts recall lead-tainted Chinese badges

WP said...

I love my scouts but I will give nothing more to anything with BSA on it. The last district sponsored camporee on Antelope Island was poorly done, even our most loyal SM said he was disappointed with the thing and the whole program that evening. The district cooked a community stew and I had food poisoning. I should have known better that to trust them.

The tents the BSA leaders had probably cost $5K+ at Kirkhams. I have never seen such complexes of tents. I think only the Saudi royal family goes into the wilderness with better tents.

No mas, no mas!