Saturday, November 10, 2007

Us and Them

I was reading this article on MSNBC about Nancy Pelosi and Iraq financing and troop withdrawl and thought to myself, how did we get this way? The House wants one thing, the president vetoes it, half of the senate wants to pass something, and the other half does all they can to block it. Why do we pay these people?

I'm registered as a democrat. I have family who are registered as republicans. Does it really matter? No one is ever going to agree with another person on 100% of issues 100% of the time, but partisan fighting does nothing to improve our country, or make life easier for the citizens here.

We can disagree on issues and how issues ought to be handled, but when the disagreeing prevents us from getting anything done, it's time to watch Mr. Rogers reruns and learn how to compromise and work together.

It seems like it's time to stop worrying about labels and start worrying about the health and safety of people.


Adam said...

I agree completely, but there are many who do not. Many people feel that compromise is bad. After all, if you back down a little from your ideal or viewpoint, are you not giving in to the other side a little?

The difference with people who think like us (and I believe there are many) is that in addition to our political beliefs/opinions, we also value compromise and good relationships.

Allie said...

It's just silly that instead of getting a portion of what they want, they'll sacrifice everything to make sure the "other side" doesn't get anything either.