Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quote of the day

“When the people fear their government, there is Tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
– Thomas Jefferson


y-intercept said...

I realize that people are putting up this quote because they want to make the case that Republican rule is a tyranny.

However, I would say that any judgments based on this quote would show the Republicans are not tyrannical.

There is a very large number of blogs by people who hate Bush. The very fact that so many people are openly discussing their hatred of Bush is a strong indication that they don't fear any backlash from their actions. People living in Venezuela or Cuba don't right bad things about their populists governments as reaction is swift and severe.

The second part of your statement says that the government fearing the people is a sign of liberty. Have you ever noticed that Republican leaders fear open meetings in public places and generally have to have armed escorts to protect themselves against bodily attacks from progressives. Every republican leader I know is deathly afraid that progressive will harm them or their families for taking positions on issues.

Simply judging from this quote, I would sya that the extremely large number of hate blogs produced by the left and the fact that Republican leaders are sequestering themselves from the people show that the people don't fear the Republican government and that the Republicans fear the people. Hence this quote would say that we clearly aren't living in a tyranny.

Allie said...

No, not that republican rule is tyrannical (perhaps nationally... just kidding), I'm thinking more locally, that a one party system is what is causing us problems.

I think it's only been recently that republican elected officials have had any kind of fear, and it doesn't seem to be the kind that would make them want to represent their constituents, or have any sort of fiscal responsibility.