Tuesday, June 12, 2007

White Horse Prophecy

I've heard about the "constitution hanging by a thread" before, but not of the "official" (or unofficial) White Horse Prophecy until I read the article about it, and subsequent letters to the editor in the Tribune.

To find out more, I googled, and found an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal.

Here is a nice little excerpt...

"There have been several Republicans that I have known who thought that they were that individual," says Mr. Hartley [executive director of the Utah Republican Party], citing Todd Nielson, a GOP congressional candidate who failed in the 1996 state primary and Republican LaVar Christensen, currently vying for a seat for Utah's Second Congressional District. They have intimated to him that "the Constitution's hanging by a thread, and that they would be there to defend the Constitution," says Mr. Hartley.

...[but] frankly, I would worry about anybody who thought they were fulfilling prophecy".

I apologize for the (minor) change in context. It made the article more amusing.

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Charly said...

Interesting post, Al. I've been LDS all my life and never heard of "The White Horse Prophecy" although I have heard the phrase about the constitution "hanging by a thread." It's really interesting to me to hear how people in Utah talk about Mitt's run vs. how people outside of Utah talk about it. Out here we're spending most of our time discussing our "funny underwear" and trying to convince people that all the bad stuff they "know" about Joseph Smith isn't true (although I have heard a couple of members bandy a comparison to Gidgiddoni about). I haven't heard mention of the "prophecy" at all although I'm glad to hear the myth has debunked. I learn something new every day!