Friday, June 15, 2007

Am I a grown-up now?

I was writing an email to a friend and said that I could drive my Mister's truck to go shopping for a bridal shower present for another friend, because my Mister would be staying home with the three kids and probably wouldn't want to go anywhere with all of them.

I feel more "adult" than I did in high school, but I don't feel any more "adult" than I did in college. How has time passed so quickly that I now have three children? The scary thing is, is that time will continue to pass quicker and quicker and before I know it, my children will be having children of their own.

Our van needs a new transmission (covered under the warranty thankfully) and I took it in to the dealership to get it checked. The guy/person/man/whatever that helped me was someone who I went to high school with (which is why I have a hard time referring to him as a grown-up person because if he is, then so am I).

The older I get, the more I realize that ages that seemed so old to me, aren't so old after all. My Aunt, who I used to go stay with as a child, will always seem 26 to me. That's the age she was when I first became aware that she had an age. Imagine my shock the year I turned 26.

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