Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Second Day of Swimming Lessons

Today someone pooped in the pool.

A few minutes into my 3-year-old's class, they moved the class to the other side of the pool, set up cones, and brought out some bleach. There were three or four teenage boys with nets, scooping very small brown chunks out of the water. I briefly wondered if it was my boy who was responsible, but his teachers didn't get him out of the water, so I figured it must have happened during an earlier lesson.

After the lessons were over, we went to a family dressing room where I started getting the kids rinsed off. As I was rinsing, I noticed that my 3-year-old had pooped in his swim diaper. One of his disgusting poops. Not the grainy ones, but the chunky flaky poo ones. (sorry about that, I hope no one plans on eating ever again)

My son pooped in the pool. I'm so proud...

(and to all the other parents of children in the pool... I'm so sorry... (although I guess there's so much chlorine in that water that the poop probably wouldn't hurt anyone))

On another note (sort of) those nasty poopy diapers are not because of a lactose intolerance. We had him tested and everything came back normal. The labs didn't find anything wrong with him. The Dr. suggested seeing a GI specialist at primary children's. We're debating.... The cost...The pain (for the 3-year-old) of getting poked and prodded... We're weary of the nasty poop though, so maybe we'll go.


wordsfromhome said...

One of a mother's nightmares confronted, and you have survived with you wit and good humor intact.

Allie said...

It would have been much worse if I had known it was my son that was poopy while I watched them clean it up.

Allie said...

No messes today, although I told him yesterday that enough was enough and we are going to be done with diapers during the day.

I put him in training pants after swimming and by the time we got home, they were wet.

Now he's in dry training pants with a timer going off every 30 minutes for "potty time".

Natalie said...

I was going to congratulate your boy on christening the new pool, but I'm pretty sure he's not the first kid to poop in the new pool. I am pretty impressed with the reported speed and efficency with which they cleaned up the mess. Go rec center teens!

WP said...

I am supposed to take the scouts swimming there tonight. It is giving me second thoughts about all of the things not seen with the naked eye.

Allie said...

There's probably not any poop in the competition pool. :)

The little kids don't go in that pool.

Plus, there's so much chlorine in there (it makes my eyes sting a little), I think it's pretty safe.