Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Grown-Up post

My last post on age has me wondering....

Sometimes I feel, as a parent, that I'm winging it. Most of the time.

I don't remember ever feeling like my parents were winging it. I never questioned that they knew what they were doing. Now that I am there, I think they must have, and it's an interesting position to be in. Kind of like when my Mister laughs when the boys get excited about "pulling through" in a parking spot because he remembers telling his dad to "pull through" too.

I am the parent now, and I remember how I viewed my parents, and it's scary and strange and fun to think that my kids view me in that same way.

I am the authority, for a few more years anyway.


Emily said...

So many times I've felt like I have no idea what I'm doing and just do what I've seen others do or sounds like a good idea. Sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn't. I have to do what works best for my kids. And I think as parents today, we have so many more resources and are so much more informed than our parents were. Plus, we can impart on their wisdom and experience as well as our own to help shape our children. Our parents gave us the best they could and the best we can do is build on that.

wordsfromhome said...

You have just observed the same think that the generation before you also observed. Hopefully we all build on what we see as the best our parents could do, plus a little more. We were all winging it, and each generation's experience seems to be just like- and entirely different than- the last generation's. I must say that I am enjoying the ride, watching my children interact with their children, and appreciating how much more competent they seem than I was at the same stage.

Bliss said...

yeah shug, don't worry too much. we parents are all just doing the best we can. between dr. phil, oprah, each other, and the rest of the self-help gurus out there, we'll make it! :-) keep that chin up.