Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phrase of the day

"I'm telling on you!"

In the past it's been, "I won't be your friend unless..."

My three-year-old came upstairs crying (and to "tell on" his brother) because his brother had hit him. I sent him back downstairs armed with the words, "please don't hit me, that makes me sad". I'm trying to teach them to work out their problems themselves. Based on their frequency of trips to report the others bad behavior to mom, I'm not sure that they understand the concept.

At least my children are better behaved than this little boy (Really, what is up with the lack of parenting there! I hope those parents were embarrassed enough by the media coverage that they realize they need to buy a book on child rearing).


Tyler Farrer said...

I've got to say that, probably, no parenting book would have helped that situation, unless it was hollowed out and contained an apple juice.

Air travel is stressful for little kids, used to being able to get up and move around. It's about a two hour flight from NY to NC, and they would be asked to check in about an hour prior. Their landing happened in the early evening, and we don't know how long they had to drive, or fly prior before they got on that plane. It is New York, after all. And, it's a four year old.

I could easily see myself as that parent, but I'm glad I wasn't.

Allie said...

You're right Tyler, I shouldn't be so hard on those parents, I;m just having a hard time imagining what a 4-year-old could have done to require an emergency landing.

I've flown with small children, and realize it can be difficult (When my oldest was just under 2, he dumped my cup of tomato juice all over himself, me, and somehow the chair in front of us....)

I do think that there are way too many parents who are afraid of their children, so they don't set limits, which leads to extreme tantrums. It's possible that this was not the case here, and I do feel for the parents, but still, even the best parents can benefit from some good parenting books.

Maybe they'll write one about dealing with children on airplanes?

Tyler Farrer said...


I'd read that book!

I'm picturing the baby from "The Incredibles". That would take any plane down.

Natalie said...

Just hoping that the link doesn't link to my family. Feeling trepidation as I click...