Thursday, May 31, 2007

Masonry Heaters

I've been doing a lot of reading about things I would like to have in my "dream home" (we're hoping to build it in the next few years).

My dad mentioned these to me, and the house plan we are looking at is passive solar and has a nice big brick fireplace that fills one wall. A Masonry Heater would be perfect there.

I'd like one that looks kind of like this: but it would also have a bread baking oven on the taller side (that's the side that would be sort of in the kitchen.

Masonry Heaters are designed to burn one quick fire at very high temperatures, which keeps it very clean, then the heat is stored in the thermal mass and slowly released into the house for somewhere between 12-20 hours (I've read varying times). The Thermal mass that the heater provides will also work with the passive solar design of our house plan to absorb heat from the southern windows in the winter.

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Charly said...

When we went to germany the family we stayed with had one of these and I remember thinking it was really cool - er, warm. It really did keep the whole house nice and warm and I loved sitting on the warm rock in front of it. I didn't even know they had these here! Yay!! Your dream house sounds amazing - I look forward to hearing more about it.