Friday, May 11, 2007

Lucky Dog

When we first got our dog, a boxer, five years ago, she was really good about staying around our yard. When she got to be full-grown, she discovered she could open the gates on the fence, so we bought locks to keep in the gates. Lately, various people have been leaving the garage doors open when they go out to ride their bikes, and Taja has been running away to her friend's house. The first time it happened, the friend's human called to tell us she was there.

Today, I looked outside and saw that the doors were all open and the dog was gone. We piled in the car (interrupting the baby's lunch, so he was not pleased) and drove over to pick her up. One of these days we won't have to make the full trip, because she'll be lying dead at the side of the road. My kids do not understand what the big deal is "we can just get another dog".

Today, we arrived at her friend's house and the humans were not at home. Taja didn't let this stop her from playing with her friend- she just opened the gate and let herself in. They were having a great time. We may have to put an end to independent bike riding if the doors and gates continue to get left open...

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