Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Read this and let me know what you think. It makes me wonder how people can read things from church leaders and come away with such extreme interpretations. I suppose they think I'm too loose in my interpretations...

The Rights of an Embryo


What are your thoughts about birth control and the church?


Salt H2O said...

I couldn't read the long thing. Connor is too long winded for me.

Anonymous said...

I think that the church leaves enough room for interpretation to not rule out Connor's position doctrinally. I don't think his position is the most common interpretation among church members, but I don't think you could disprove his position with doctrinal statements either.

Allie said...

That's what I was wondering David- how common his views are. I've just never heard anyone with that perspective before and it surprised me.

George and WP said...

It would be helpful to understand the General Handbook of Instructions on the subject, for the LDS point of view, rather than for Connor to try and define his passionate opinions.

He is 'too long winded', I agree. Sounds like Catholic dogma as well. Let's visit about it sometime.

derekstaff said...

Positions like Connor's are part of the reason I am resistant to the Right-to-Life crowd. As was recently discussed on FMH, there is a small but strong minority within that movement which would expand the agenda to completely ban chemical birth control. I consider that to be far too much of a violation of personal liberty.

George and WP said...

I agree Derek. Here is the quote from the LDS "Handbook of Instructions."

"Birth Control
It is the privilege of married couples who are able to bear children to provide mortal bodies for the spirit children of God, whom they are then responsible to nurture and rear. The decision as to how many children to have and when to have them is extremely intimate and private and should be left between the couple and the Lord. Church members should not judge one another in this matter.

Married couples also should understand that sexual relations within marriage are divinely approved not only for the purpose of procreation, but also as a means of expressing love and strengthening emotional and spiritual bonds between husband and wife."

Enough said from the Brethren for those who try to 'steady the ark' on this matter.