Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I like

I like nice dirt.

I didn't realize how much I like digging in nice dirt until this morning as I buried several hundred bulbs in the new flower bed that was my birthday present (thank you to parents, grandparents, and in-laws who gave me money for my birthday!).

Saturday my Mister dug out the front flower bed. It was filled with gravel and clay. We brought home several plants and a truck load of soil/compost, but didn't have enough to fill the bed, so yesterday my Mister got another load of topsoil. We got all the plants planted and the bulbs placed, then it was time for dinner, and the mosquitoes were out so we didn't make it back out.

This morning, I walked A to preschool, put CP down for a nap and got to work. I buried all the bulbs (crocus, daffodils, tulips, and freesia), the dirt was nice dirt. Soil. Black with a nice earthy smell. That's what soil is supposed to be like, I had almost forgotten what real soil was after a summer of trying to work with the slimy clay stuff found naturally around my yard. Then I mounded the beds to create a ledge around the edges to hold the bark in. Then I covered the whole thing with bark mulch. I'm excited for spring when I can plant some of the perennials that I'm going to grow indoors from seed this winter.

I like Fall. The air is cool, and inside the house, it's cool enough to really need your blankets in the morning. Outside everything feels crisp. I think last spring someone asked me what my favorite season is and I said spring, because everything is new and alive after a long cold winter, but right now I love fall the best. I'm tempted to haul in leaves to dump in my front yard. It's the only thing I don't like about my new house- the trees are babies. I miss our big old trees that dumped huge piles of leaves for the kids to jump in, and to use as a winter mulch in the garden beds.

I like the smell of good things baking in the oven. (I saw a picture of a carrot cake yesterday and had to make one- now I just have to decide if I should do a quick frosting job so we can eat it sooner- or if I should make little carrots with leaves for each piece.... The dilemma I tell you... If only I could upload smells, it's a good one.

I like rows of newly canned fruits or vegetables lined up on the shelf.
I love the colors of fall and pulling out my "fall" decorations. Home starts to feel a little more homey (just wait for the christmas decorations- those are the best!). I like my front door. Stop by sometime.

If you were wondering, after my last post. I found a cure (temporary or not, we'll have to see) for the spending bug. Being content with what I have (and getting some dirt and/or cake batter under my nails doesn't hurt either).


Emily said...

Fall is my favorite. I love how things are dying in technicolor and yet there's this sense of a new beginning and renewal with a harvest and start of a school year. I love the smells, the feel, the sweaters, the way it's cool in the morning and evenings, yet so pleasant in the afternoon. I love the food: peaches, pears, apples, squash, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, caramel, pumpkin, pecan...I could go on. Fall never seems to be long enough for me.

Your yard looks great. Just looking and reading your post makes me look forward to all the earth digging I'll hopefully get to do one day.

Kari said...

Your pics inspire me to get some of the things done in my yard I've been putting off. They won't make it look as nice as yours but they will make me less likely to cringe when I walk past my house.

Alissa Sosa said...

Hey I have no idea how to use this blogger thing!! I am trying to contact you because I was sent to this link regarding Aerial Dance. If you know anything about what I'm talking about PLEASE contact me either way. Thank you! Alissa (adida17@gmail.com)

Criscell said...

I love Fall too and I miss it so much here in AZ. Today it was 104 degrees!! Your carrot cake looks heavenly! Good job on your yard.

Hill Family said...

Your post about waffles awhile back could have been lifted straight from my husband's brain, so I tried your recipe last night! Thanks! They were a hit! :) I'm interested in the vegetarian lasagna as well, if you wouldn't mind e-mailing the recipe? :)