Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Spending Bug

Sometimes when I'm disappointed about something, or bored, or for any other unknown reason, I get the urge to spend money. My preferences are ebay, ksl classifieds, and shade clothing.

I'm doing really well sticking to my budget so I can save up for a new washing machine (mine is still dying slowly), then save for a new car (we're looking at a Rav4 in 4 years, unless something better comes along). The long-term things I'd like to save for are somewhat helpful to avoid online shopping binges, but don't get rid of them altogether.

Currently I'd like to buy some bulk legos on ebay for the kids for christmas, and some wood working tools for A for his birthday or christmas, a bike from ksl classifieds for J, plus the Kiva micro loans are a little addicting, so it's not like I'm wanting to spend money on wasteful things. I guess when I can get those things they'll be even more meaningful.

How do you avoid online shopping binges?


Criscell said...

Amen! I always want to spend money on things I don't "need" and don't have to have, but they're almost always for Caysja or our baby. It's not like I'm so selfish or anything!

adam said...

I like the save up for a car idea.

I hope my schooling lasts longer than this supposed poor period of the economy does. That's the idea anyway.

derekstaff said...

Simple: We avoid having the excess funds which would tempt us to spend.

I've had a major problem in the past with that. Never on anything big, usually just books (being a certifiable bibliophile) or computer things which I could justify as helpful for graphic design. Its a bit like being an alcoholic, and the temptation never really goes away. But I've been pretty successful in resisting for the past few years (knock on wood). I've learned that except for the very special books, I'm just fine using the library, and until I start making money, I can do without some of the computer software, hardware, and assorted gizmos.

George and WP said...

Isn't it a wonderful thing to ponder legos on ebay or a new car? Are we not incredibly blessed to be able to think about such things when there are so many who wonder how they will afford their next sack of rice.

I just was notified from Amazon of the release of four new Charlie Chan DVD's. I could not resist them and now they are in my queue to be enjoyed at some later day, maybe in CA at our house on Branscomb Road over conference weekend with friends from the temple.

When I was a kid fifty years ago they used to be on TV and I would watch them on Sunday Afternoon Mystery Theater.

Life is good.

Allie said...

You don't need excess funds to spend money online! It's called a credit card!


It is nice that I currently have so few concerns that I can worry about buying legos and stuff. I'll be able to get them at some point before christmas, I just like to do things right when I think of them.

George and WP said...

Our friend Miky just graduated from a college in Peru. He finished in the top five of his graduating class. He had a temporary job for two weeks that would have paid him enough for his rent but no food, utilities, or transportation to work and home again. He has a baby girl coming in November and his wife is working too, so they can afford to see the OB/GYN. He is on his second "temporary' job and hopes to be hired full time, but that is uncertain. His father is a crooked lawyer who works for the Peruvian mob. He offered to pay his way everywhere and for anything but Miky turned him down, refused to go over to the dark side.

Yes, we are blessed and life is quite good by comparison.

George and WP said...

PS -- I am watching Charlie Chan tonight!