Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Last night I arrived home from the young women's activity that I was helping with to discover my sweet Mister had build me a compost bin. A BIG compost bin.

I was using a ring of chicken wire, but taja dog kept pushing the chicken wire over and digging in the pile. My Mister smuggled 4 pallets home without me noticing and bought a latch and two hinges at the hardware store. The front opens to the side to make turning and harvesting compost much easier.

It's an awesome compost bin.

If you have any spare leaves this fall, or bags of grass clippings let me know, I have plenty of space.

My sad news this morning was finding Mario (our only hen of the original 4 chicks we bought from the feed store this past spring) dead in the hen house. She seemed fine yesterday, so we don't know why she died. I'm especially sad because she had just started laying the cutest light blue eggs.


Charlotte said...

Yay for composting!! I'm jealous - our compost pile currently resides in a big black "composting" box we bought but is so technical that I am afraid to use it. (What if I put the refuse in teh wrong drawer? What if buy the wrong composting mix?? Wasn't this supposed to save on energy?) Anyhow, enjoy!!

mfranti said...

was mario an americauna?

i have two here that are healing (they got picked on at their former residence)

if you change your mind about birds, let me know. they aren't a year and they lay--so far--pink and green eggs.