Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guest Poster

I submitted a post to Feminist Mormon Housewives, and it has been posted this evening, if you care to drop by and share in my indignation...

Read Me!

(And don't worry, while there are all sorts of people who post and comment there, it's not, as I naively thought several years ago when I started reading it, an anti-mormon website.)



feminist said...

really? you thought we were an anti mormon site?

glad you don't think that way now.
but i guess that means there are many folks who continue to think that way.

too bad that's the label you get when you ask questions or allow others a place to ask questions.

have fun on your guest post. submit anytime.


Allie said...

I did, sadly. That was quite a long time ago, and I was pretty young- and had a more black and white view of the world, I think I also bought into the culture of fear more, and didn't want to be part of something that I thought might be on the fringe.

Luckily for me, I'm comfortable with a lot more gray areas, and I took the time to read a little deeper. If I had done that initially, I think I would have discovered what kind of site it really was.

I think the title threw me. How could you be a feminist and a mormon housewife? :)

"too bad that's the label you get when you ask questions or allow others a place to ask questions."

It is too bad- I think that's the culture of fear we have grown so accustomed to.

adam said...


When I first came across FMH a few years ago I was drawn in by the title. I like feisty smart people sparing. Obviously that's not all it is, but I like it.

And I'm a Feminist Mormon Husband. :)

Natalie said...

FYI - Your link is bad.

Allie said...

I know the link is bad- I asked them to fix it, but I know they're a busy group.

I may have to think up another guest post. :)

adam said...

Nah it's the other link, the one you have to fmh should have "org" rather than "com"

Sarah said...

Wow! You're famous! I didn't take the time to read ALL the comments, but I read the first 20! Wow! Good job! I was once called a feminist! It wasn't meant in a nice way! ;o)

I could have been famous-- I wrote an article in the North Salt Lake Star-- you know that newsletter you got in your mailbox last week from the city??? I wrote the article about 72 hour kits. Alas, I didn't get credit. But, I'm not bitter. I didn't even cry. much. Nope. It was for the greater good. So I'm good with it. But I wrote it. So you can tell your friends and such. Or maybe just your family. Or the Gordons. Or you know just pat my head and nod. That's good. I'm fine.

So nice article.

How was coaching??


Allie said...

I fixed the link!

mfranti said...

btw, me, mfranti. i didn't realize i was still logged into the submissions account.

i thought i fixed the link. let me go back and try it again.

Allie said...

I figured it was you.

Thanks for fixing the link- I guess I had a link on my end that was also bad.