Monday, August 11, 2008

Why do I get excited about things like this?

...and what does that say about my life? :)

I did laundry today, and started to load the clean wet clothes into the dryer, there were diapers in the batch, and I don't dry them in the dryer, so I started to hang them on my awesome clothes drying rack. They didn't fill up all the space, so I pulled the rest of the whites back out of the dryer and hung them up too.

I used to do that all the time, but I've gotten lazy over the summer.

I was so excited about it, that I had to tell my Mister about it when I got on ichat.

After I typed it, I realized how sad that looked.

Lets just call it "finding joy in the little things".


adam said...

I get excited about anything from IKEA, so I completely understand...

Charlotte said...

Well I love it! I keep wanting a backyard clothesline but somehow havent' got around to getting it past the "want" stage.

wordsfromhome said...

Life is a lot more enjoyable if you can get pleasure out of the simple everyday things around you. Taking satisfaction in a clothesline of clean drying diapers or a shelf of newly bottled peaches beats out a discussion of the merits of the latest blockbuster movie, IMO.