Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recruiting a new generation of democrats

As a child, I have very fond memories of attending the Davis County Democrats picnics, shooting water balloons at pictures of Bush Sr, thinking Michael Dukakis was the coolest man ever, and winning a cake at a Democrat fundraiser cake-walk. I've said before that my dad used to give us a dollar if we said we were democrats. As I got older I had to question all authority, before deciding for myself what I believed, or what group I was going to join.

Recently, a good friend (who's name I won't mention, because she still thinks she's a Republican, and I wouldn't want to mess up her party standing too much :) ) was talking about politics with her son. He asked what it meant to be a democrat, and she told him the democrats believe in taking care of each other, helping the poor, etc...

He may be converted.

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adam said...

With more people like you in the ranks of the dems there is hope. :)