Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A "Talk" with the teacher

I picked up my 4-year-old from preschool today, and as I was buckling him in, his teacher came over to "talk" to me. I was a little worried, until she said that it was a good report, not a bad one.

The boy is way ahead of the other kids in his class as far as reading skills go. (Actually, there is one little girl who is also advanced.) The other kids know about three sight words, and she hasn't been able to teach them much more because he and the other little girl read the words before anyone else can sound them out, and the other kids are just repeating what he and the little girl say.

She asked if we would be interested in signing him up in her summer reading skills tutoring program. It's for kids who have finished kindergarten and are going into first grade, but she said he's ready for it.

She also said she didn't want to pressure us into signing up with her, but that if we didn't want to, to let her know and she'd give us ideas on what we can do with him over the summer because he needs more than the reading packet she hands out at graduation.

I always knew he was a smart kid. I think he's great all the way around.


wordsfromhome said...

You've got such a great little guy there that what ever he does this summer, he will be fine, and probably at the head of his class regardless. And he has super parents who give him both quality and quantity time. What a lucky kid!

M.A. said...

I say never hold back on helping a kid really go for it, even if you might later have to address consequent problems (such as being slightly "different" from peers). Having to deal with that, in my mind (if done well), can leave a kid with enormous interpersonal strengths and savvy.