Monday, May 22, 2006

An Apology

I heard a story recently. It is about a woman whose family came to the US from Mexico when she was five. FIVE. She is now a mother herself, happily married. She works hard to help support her young family. The US is the only home she knows. She speaks fluent english, and from the times I have talked to her, I can't hear an accent. She is a melting-pot-american.

She works at a fast food restaurant. On May 1st, when the walk outs were planned, she went to work. Why? Because her boss, who she respects, asked her to come in. As she greeted customers, and rang up orders, a customer called her some really foul, racist names. Why would someone do that?

For anyone who experiences similar things in their own lives, I am deeply sorry. I cannot imagine what would drive a person to be so hateful to fellow human beings.

To that cruel and unfeeling fast food customer, shame on you. Do you think that being hateful is going to solve all immigration problems? This may come as a shock, but it's not helping, and it never will help. If you feel strongly about the issue, contact your congressman. Write letters. Do something to help find a solution, but please, don't vent hateful feelings on people who are just trying live a good life.



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WP said...

Thank you for your compassion!