Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Great Chicken Adventure

I took the girls on their first outing into the backyard this afternoon. They were a little hesitant and kept hopping back onto the cement, but I think they enjoyed themselves. The pecked at the dirt and bugs, they scratched around, and they fluffed up their feathers.

It looks like chicken watching may become a fun family activity around here.

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The girls, (clockwise, starting under the chair) Chickie, Red, and Black are 6 weeks old today. I've turned off their heating lamp, which makes the hen house pretty dark. I'm hoping to get some windows cut tomorrow to let them have a little more light.

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Emily said...

Whenever we drive to Sacramento there is a stretch of Hwy 99 near one of the small towns en route where wild chickens can be seen foraging by the roadside. We always watch for them, and they always turn up. There were some babies this spring that looked about the same age as your girls, maybe just a little older. The inevitable question arises...but no, they are always on the west side of the highway and do not appear interested in trying to cross. They are street-smart chickens.