Friday, May 12, 2006

Garden Bling Bling

I got these tomato towers for my birthday (an early birthday present, I'll be enjoying tomatoes when my birthday actually arrives).

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The only things left to plant are corn and beans. I'm also inheriting some onion plants, but they may have to be tucked around everything else. I bought way too much of the large take-over-the-garden-with-vines type of plants. It should be interesting.

I have one Beefsteak tomato
one brandywine
one christmas grape (cherry tomato that my 4-year-old picked out all by himself)
ten Romas
sugar snap peas
alladin pumpkin
orange smoothie pumpkin
Red Warty Thing (a fun cross between a pumpkin and a hubbard squash)
two yellow crookneck squashes
one zucchini plant
two acorn squash
one cantalope
4 california wonder green peppers
4 some other type of green pepper
4 anaheim peppers
some sort of salad mix

In my 4-year-olds section of the garden, he has his christmas grape, a tight cluster of peas, a zucchini or pumpkin or something? and a few corn stalks here and there.

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