Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shop Local

This past Saturday my Mister and I did a little shopping. We needed some tools, so we went to Ace Hardware in North Salt Lake. They had just about everything we needed, and what they didn't have, they ordered for us, no extra charge. Plus, they gave us the online price on one tool, which saved us nearly $10 on it.

In talking to one of the owners, we learned that sales are down $50,000 this month compared to the same time last year. Partly the economy, people just aren't spending as much (which is a good thing, IMO) but largly because of Lowes. I've been to lowes, but when I think about what kind of community I want to live in, I picture small, locally owned stores where people know what they're selling.

Next time you need something for a home improvement project, or a kitchen item (they have an impressive selection of kitchen tools), or if you want to take a class on decorating or cooking, check out Ace before you try a big box store. Support our community.

(I also have to add, that I saw a special brownie pan that makes every piece an edge- I've said for years that there ought to be one, and now there is. I almost bought it (two actually), maybe next time.)


derekstaff said...

Amazing how much those big box stores suck the life out of the little guys, eh? Did you notice that when we (since you and I were there about the same time) first moved to Logan, there were three locally-owned hardware stores? And that within three years from the time Lowe's and Home Depot opened in Logan, all three went out of business? Sad.

A great resource for finding local businesses is Local First Utah, which also publishes a local business directory. Between that and the Redirect Guide, I never use the mainstream yellowpages.

Emily said...

I had the same idea for brownies years ago! Edges are the best. I need this pan! I'm asking for one for Christmas.

Natalie said...

Okay, I love the Ace as much as the next guy, partly because of the free popcorn, and we always go there first. But on the same day that you had such a great experience, I had a bad one. I went to buy Christmas lights, and they didn't give me the 20% discount. There were huge signs everywhere, including right over the lights. Everything in the store was on sale. I used my frequent shoppers card. And, I paid full price. I didn't notice until I got home. A lot of people wouldn't go back.

So, although I avoid the big boxes, I really like good customer service, and I didn't get it at Ace. Maybe more training on customer service will help them slow decreasing sales.