Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Emotions from the SL Tribune

Amusement (with a pardon to my Mister)

From the comments on this editorial:
Utah is no longer the reddest state in the Union; that honor now goes to, I believe, Idaho (whose new state slogan is "Utah's Slow Cousin To The North").


Letter to the Editor

Overheard on the FrontRunner commuter train the day before Halloween: "There are so many non-LDS in our neighborhood - in fact, we're the minority - that our ward decided to sponsor a trunk-or-treat."
Would someone please give me the scripture reference where Jesus teaches fear and intolerance?

and finally....



"As he tries to bring us closer to socialism," Chaffetz warned, "I will be a strong voice in opposition."


adam said...

Oh Chaffetz. How did he win? And didn't Buttars win again as well? Remind me never to live in West Jordan, and wherever Chaffetz is from.

bekkieann said...

Loved this post, Allie. I, too, got a chuckle at Chaffetz' delusions of grandeur.

George and WP said...

Chaffetz is scary. He likely will grow into Hatch's shoes becoming our senator. He will get Hatch's athlete's foot which won't help him either, though I do not know which one is crazier.

derekstaff said...

I wonder if the ward in question required temple recommends of any seeking to participate in the trunk-or-treat. Wouldn't want to risk inviting undesirables, like non-Mormons or (shudder) Democrats.

BTW, why would any good Republican Mormon want to participate in any sort of trick/trunk-or-treat? I thought they didn't believe in handouts?

Sarah said...

Yes, we are all waiting for Chaffetz-- makes me want to say chaff-e-witz or chaff-e-ditz-- to be eaten up and spitten out.

Isn't it sad what it takes to make you appreciate what you had?? He makes Chris Cannon look LIBERAL!! That's a shocker.

He's going to Washington to die.

Let's just hope he doesn't embarrass Utah. Well, Utah county is okay because they really aren't representative of Utah (thank goodness), but not Utah (read: not me!) ;o)